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Oct 13

HP 3PAR Remote Copy topologies and Maximum Latencies

This came up in an internal email and thought it might be of use to some customers. It depicts the maximum latency that HP supports when choosing your flavour of HP 3PAR Remote Copy replication (Remember to think about RTO). Note: This is latency, and has no hard distance, it all comes down to the …

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May 21

HP 3PAR peer persistence v1: peering into the persisting world of 3PAR

  Time for a technical deep dive – As you may or may not know, HP 3PAR boasts a sexy array-based software feature set. You’ve probably heard me rave on about it in other posts and podcasts I have done.  I’ve worn this fan-boy cap for a while now and spoken about our leading thin …

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Feb 18

Which 5 IT areas look to prosper in 2013?

Which 5 IT areas look to prosper in 2013? Check out my latest trending article on our HPSD site,  thanks to @HPStorageGuy for hosting it. Click Which 5 IT areas look to prosper in 2013? to read!    

Sep 26

New blogpost: Would you like a side of DR with that? 2/2

Second part of this blog post on DR -and my suggested 7 step recipe, now live at: