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#vExpert 2015 – It’s time again!

It’s that time again, applications for the inaugural vExpert 2015 award is now open – It feels like it was only yesterday that the 2014 vExpert announcement was made, I was luckily and privileged enough to be included in that list.

There is no point regurgitating what the vExpert programme is and what tracks you can apply for so I thought I would take a different angle this year.

Why is being a vExpert important?

I am going to go out on a limb here and state being a vExpert is not important, it does not define who you are and how you should do business.  It is an award from VMware that acknowledges your contribution to an ever growing virtualisation community of like-minded technology enthusiasts and users.  I think back to Grant Orchard‘s post (one of my all time fav’s of his) on providing value in your employment ( – Please read it, it provides an honest and fair view on the VCDX program and what value it could (or could not bring) to your career.

The key takeaway I took from his write up is that it is a achievement, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are “better” than anyone else, more knowledgeably than anyone else, or more valued. I think the same way about being a vExpert, its an acknowledgment of your efforts – keep it at that and remain humble.  The ones who do I think are more respected by their peers.

Please visit for more information on vExpert programme.

Quick links

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Thanks for reading and get applying!

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