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VMware VCP – Recertification policy

Do you have a VCP from VMware? If so read on!  Maintaining currency in the expertise gained and proven by VMware certifications is just as important as earning the certification initially. If your skills are not current, your certification loses value. The technical and business communities expect that VMware certified professionals are current on the latest technologies and capable of configuring and implementing VMware products with the highest level of skill. To ensure that all certification holders meet these expectations, VMware is instituting a re-certification policy for current VCP’s starting today – March 10, 2014 . To recertify, VMware Certified Professional (VCP) holders must pass any VCP or higher-level exam within two years of earning their most recent VCP certification. For more information please visit

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  1. This sucks, Its better to support, encourage and transition to hyper v, since mcse, mctp dont have expiry or time limit. passing with so much effort for nothing….

  2. Partially agree, I can see VMware’s reasons why this recertification is happening,

    I got my VCP5 on the C# version of the VI client, now that has moved to a web based model in VCP5.5 onwards meaning the stuff I was tested on isn’t not 100% relevant.

    Changes to the underlying software architecture is always going to happen, so certification needs to align with that.

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