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Removing a 3PAR Virtual Volume from within a VVSET

When using 3PAR VVSet, 3PAR InForm OS does not allow the removal of a Single Active VLUN if the VLUN template is created with a VV set originally. For those who arent familiar,  a VVSet is generally used for cluster configurations when a set of hosts all need to see the same VLUNS.

Using the IMC or CLI, removing a VLUN from a VLUN template created a VV set will result in all active VLUNs created by the template being removed which is not a desired result.
But alas, there is a work around as explained here.


Work Around:

Remove a single VV from the vvset. This will leave all the VV through the VV set VLUN template exported except the VV that is removed from the VV set.


Let’s jump into the CLI:

CLI%   removevvset  vvsetname volume_name

To find the setname, please run the showvvset command.


You can use the 3PAR InForm Management Console (IMC) interface for this as well. Please make sure you are using the latest 3PAR GUI (IMC) which you can download @ http://www.hp.com/go/hpsoftwareupdatesupport


The High-level GUI steps are:

 1)      Click on provision

2)      Click on vvset to edit

3)      Right click on the vvset

4)      Remove


HP 3PAR InForm OS 3.1.2 Command Line Interface:



HP 3PAR VMware ESX Implementation Guide:


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  1. Hi

    In regards to your GUI instructions

    The High-level GUI steps are:

    1) Click on provision

    2) Click on vvset to edit

    3) Right click on the vvset

    4) Remove

    Wont step remove the entire vvset ?
    It appears so.

    I imagine step 4 is incorrect ?

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