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vCloud Director 5.1 Documentation

The vCloud Suite is a complex combination of vSphere,  vCloud Networking and Security (vShield), vCenter Operations  with vCloud Director automating the show with all products now aligned at version 5.1.


VMware has also released an updated vCloud Architecture Toolkit  (vCAT) for vCloud Director.  The vCAT provides modular components so that you can design a vCloud reference architecture that supports your cloud use case. It includes design considerations and design patterns to support architects, operators, and consumers of a cloud computing solution based on VMware technologies. Attached here are some useful vCloud Documentation links..



·         VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit 3.0 PDF package (~24Mb)


Installation & Upgrade

·         Installing vCloud Director 5.1 best practices (2034092)

·         Upgrading to vCloud Director 5.1 best practices (2034980)

·         Installing vShield 5.1 best practices (2034173)

·         Upgrading to vShield 5.1 best practices (2034699)

·         Network port requirements for vCloud Director 5.1 (2034426)

·         Supported web browsers in vCloud Director 5.1 (2034554)

·         Installing and configuring a vCloud Director 5.1 database (2034540)

·         Supported guest operating systems in vCloud Director 5.1 (2034491)

·         Accessing and using the vShield 5.1 REST API (2034410)

·         Hardening vShield 5.1 virtual appliances (2034358)

·         Upgrade paths from vSphere editions to VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 (2032390)



·         Cannot upload the upgrade bundle while upgrading from vShield Manager 5.0 to 5.1 (2034804)

·         Stopping a vApp in vCloud Director fails with the error: InternalServerErrorException: Failed to purge object (2034802)

·         VXLAN support in vShield Manager (2034749)

·         Duplicate packets or packet loss when using using LACP (2034807)

·         Audit logging of vShield Edge does not work correctly in vShield Manager 5.1 (2034801)

·         Unable to remove a host from the vCenter Server inventory belonging to a VXLAN prepared cluster (2034808)

·         After upgrading to vSphere 5.1 vShield Endpoint stops functioning (2031655)

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