Recently, Calvin Zito , Craig Waters and myself jumped on a call to discuss a range of topics around VMware – more specifically Craig’s involvement in Melbourne VMUG and what the recently VMUG meeting in Melbourne had in store. We also discussed the upcoming VMware PEX which Calvin will be going along to.

Unfortunately, there is also a part which I am forced to discuss the All Blacks losing to the English – Was hoping Calvin would cut that part from the final reel!  🙂

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So Cloud-Land appears to be getting smashed on the traffic plan it is on…… So………………………………..

Time for some optimisation!,  I’ve just paid for an upgrade with my web host company so apologies if you have been seeing time out error messages due to excessive concurrent traffic,  it should hopefully cease now.

On the plus side, it’s nice to know technology folk are visiting here and the issue I have with the site being too busy is a good problem to have in my opinion!,

Lastly, please start commenting.  I endeavour to respond to every comment and love hearing from you .




Which 5 IT areas look to prosper in 2013?
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Where is storage going in this century?  How does it integrate with Cloud? What should CIO’s be aware off in this new age?  Want to find out?

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