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HP 3PAR Management plugin for VMWare vCenter


What is it?

The HP 3PAR Management Software Plug-In for VMware vCenter is a vSphere vCenter management console plug-in that allows easy identification of HP 3PAR virtual volumes used by virtual machines and datastores.


What does it do?

It can provided a single pane view of the virtual machines and the 3PAR virtual volumes resources they are attached to.  It can show capacity, usage, thin and thick properties on a volume basis and also the disk type the virtual volumes are made up of.  The beauty of this plugin is that you do not need to login to the inform console to view the virtual volumes mapped to your ESXi hosts. Note: It does not allow you to provision\manipulate the storage from this GUI – Inform Management console is still required for that!


A peek at the interface


This screenshot really does say it all, you can see how much savings you are getting with using the 3PAR thin suite functionality, you can also see the name of the virtual volume that the VMFS is housed on making it easier for administrators to locate and map virtual machines, trouble shoot and provide reports.

And of course, it shows you whether or not you are getting the most out of your EZT VMDKs, by showing the status of the Zero Detection engine on the array ensuring your 3PAR stays thin!

And best of all, the plugin is free!

For more information on this great plugin please visit here or contact me


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