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vBenchmark – A Quick look

What is vBenchmark?

vBenchmark is a tool from VMware and is a simple to use tool that measures VMware virtual environments looking into how much physical RAM you are saving by virtualising your servers, provision time for a server, what is HA, storage v-motion, v-motion doing for you from a downtime savings perspective.

It can obtain performance metrics across one or multiple vCenter servers


What can it do for me?

It can give you a view of what going virtual as a business decision is doing for you, it is good for justifying the decision to move to a virtualised environment – cost savings on hardware is the first and most prominent benefit that virtualisation can offer not to mention the green factor. vBenchmark gives you figures\statistics from a resources and business perspective.


 What does it look like?

I set vBenchmark up on my laptop as a virtual machine to take a look at the interface. Whilst my laptop isn’t the most performance system around, it did give me ability to gain an overview of the tool.


The Console


The web interface

Where can I get it from


Overall, a very useful tool provided you have historical data in your VCDB to populate it.  It works brilliantly and can assist in trending\future proofing your virtual environment.

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