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VCP 510 exam – My thoughts

Having recently sat the VCP 5 exam, I thought I would offer some tips and study advice.  Overall, there are 85 multi-choice questions and you have 90 mins to complete and their is a lot more focus on new features, troubleshooting, and configuring than previous versions of the exam which was usually based around limitations and maximums.




  • VMKernel securing – how (and where) to do it.
  • Load balancing policies
  • Path Selection policies – Quite a few questions on these.
  • Traffic shaping
  • VDS – Lots on this topic. What features are unique to VDS and what aren’t,
  • Promiscuous mode vs forged transmits – About 2 questions involving these
  • Restarting management network – how to do it in vSphere 5
  • Securing your host – turning off ssh etc.
  • Uplinks – what are they and what do they do. Relationship with vSwitches
  • CNA – Question around image profiles and driver certification
  • ISCSI and implications of changing certain parameters such as CHAP


  • New features: VMFS3 vs VMFS 5, migration to VMFS5 – what changes and what doesn’t. Maximum file size supported
  • VSA – How to configure. Valid states of a VSA
  • RDM – Physical compatibility vs Virtual
  • Storage Profiles – Learn what it does.
  • VMKernel interation with storage array, what the array does and what the kernel does
  • VAAI – Benefits of VAAI and what the supported array can do.
  • Trouble shooting storage performance – What counters to look at

Advanced Features

  • HA – What it does.
  • FT – Why you would use it – use cases
  • DRS – Ports for DRS and HA
  • vMotion/EVC – Where to configure and requirements around CPU. NPIV and vMotion compatibility
  • Resource Pools, shares, limits and reservations – Lots of questions around these, learn what increasing and decreasing each element does and the effect.
  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting – They give you line graphs and ask you to understand and diagnose the issue, scenario based troubleshooting. (I.e Image shows error, what is the cause), ESXtop
  • Memory conservation – TPS vs ballooning
  • Upgrading from ESX3 to ESXi5 – One question on this, basically you can’t do it.
  • Upgrading from ESX4 to ESXi5 – rules, methods and things you need to look out for.
  • How to back up a ESXi host before upgrading
  • Understanding alarm warnings and alerts and how to configure
  • vApps and IP allocations, and what objects they contain.
  • Log file configuration. Increasing etc
  • vCenter Server – What extra capabilities does it give you over managing a host directly.
  • Auto Deploy – Learn Image profiles and how to use.
  • VSA – Quite a few on this, how to upgrade from earlier version was one question
  • Modifying Users and permissions and the impacts

Hope that helps.

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