Schoolsnet – A blast from the past.

I was sitting in a catch-up session with the other two members of my local DCT cloud team today and one of them mentioned a piece of work he was involved in some years ago for local schools in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Having grown up in New Zealand (The land of the long white “cloud” :)), I recalled a BBS style network between primary and secondary schools in that each school was issued with a series of usernames and password that they could use to log on and chat to other use (schools/classes) all across New Zealand.  Interconnected networks or “internet”.

Now at the time, I thought this was amazing – please keep in mind that this is before the beast that we now know as the internet had taken off (think early nineties), and that was all run on analog systems including 14.4K modems and pretty ANSI terminal graphics.

It’s amazing how far modern technology, and the mediums in which we communicate with (blogs/twitter/facebook/email/smart phones/blah blah) have come. From text based systems to CMS, dynamic sites and social media – who knows what will be the next step.

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